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Independent mortgage advice

For most of us, house purchase is our biggest ever financial commitment, despite which most people seem to walk into their bank or building society and accept whatever mortgage they are offered. Funny isn't it, because there are thousands of mortgages available in the UK, so surely it is essential to shop around?

Well, the obvious option is to seek independent mortgage advice, but who is independent? Most banks and building societies are not; nor are most estate agents; even financial advisers are often tied to a few lenders for mortgages, so please make sure you ask the question.

Formula Ltd is completely independent, and we have specialist computer software to scan the market to find the best mortgage package for you. We arrange a large volume of mortgages, so we can often negotiate directly with mortgage underwriters, on behalf of our clients.

The mortgage maze

The UK probably has the most competitive mortgage market in the world. This gives a very wide choice for the consumer, but also much confusion - how many of these expressions do you understand?: 

Fixed rate / variable rate / discounted rate / tracker / flexible / offset / interest only / capital and interest / repayment / higher lending fee / mortgage payment protection / ASU cover

And that's before you get to the different interest rates, valuation types, legal fees and application fees on offer. To cap it all off, how do you protect yourself against loss of income on illness or premature death?

Well, good news is at hand because if you look carefully you will find IFA firms like Formula who are independent mortgage advisers and independent financial advisers.  In other words we can help you find the right mortgage, source it from the marketplace, guide you through the maze of insurance cover, and find you the best cover from the insurance marketplace. What a relief!

As this site expands we will bring you more generic information about different mortgage types, and some case studies of people we have helped, so please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

A mortgage is a loan against your home. 'Secured' means that if you do not keep up the payments, the lender can sell your home to get its money back. Remember: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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