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Formula Ltd is registered in England and Wales No. 5294357. Formula Ltd and Clairville York are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Formula's services to individual clients

Well, why should you be interested in us and what we do?  For a start, we believe that virtually everyone needs financial planning advice, often for matters you had not even thought about, or ones that seem too far off to worry about. This website will try to show you why you should take financial advice, and why it should only be from an independent adviser.


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We will build in real life examples of people or firms we have helped, often by thinking outside the box, or simply going the extra mile. Good business practice never changes; honesty, integrity, politeness, promptness, and technical knowledge seem to have gone out of fashion, but not with Formula - you will always talk to a Real Human.

Individual Advice

The core of Formula's service is to get your finances in PRIME condition by taking a holistic view of where you stand under the following headings:

  • What is your life insured for? Is it enough? Why is it vital to have illness cover? How can you insure your inheritance tax liability? What are the benefits of putting your life cover in trust? What types of medical insurance are there? Can you save money on the premiums you are paying?
  • When will you be able to retire? How much will you need? Why use a pension? Are you making the most of the brilliant tax breaks available for retirement planning? How should you invest your retirement savings? How can you best use the new pension liberation rules after April 2015?
  • How can you be financially independent? Where should you invest your money? Can you get a better return? How to pay less tax? What risk are you prepared to take? Do you afford an emergency?
  • MORTAGES (residential, buy to let and Equity Release)
  • Can you repay it sooner? Will rates go up? What is your current mortgage rate? Should you fix it? Where do you get independent mortgage advice? How can you release equity from your house?
  • What tax breaks are available? Why are you paying tax on your savings? When wil you die? How much Inheritance tax will your estate pay? How can you reduce that?

Questions To Ask Yourself

Everyone who cares about the financial future of themselves and their family should periodically sit down with an expert financial planner and consider some important issues like:

  1. If you have a family, do you know if they would survive financially if you died prematurely?
  2. How will you pay your bills if you could not work due to disability or illness?
  3. Do you know that you will have enough money to live on when you retire?
  4. Are you wasting money on an expensive mortgage?
  5. Could your savings be working harder for you?
  6. What happens if you need nursing care?
  7. How much Inheritance tax your children will have to pay when you die? And where would the money come from?

Like most people you may feel uncomfortable reading these questions - guilt perhaps? Formula has a passionate belief in the need for financial planning, and our crusade is to get you to speak to a fully independent financial adviser, if only to check you are in good financial health. 


Important Points Regarding Risk

  - The tax treatment of financial products can depend upon the individual tax situation of the client.

  - Investment values are not guaranteed, can fall as well as rise, and you can get back less than you invested.

  - Good past performance is no guarantee of future growth.

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