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Auto Enrolment

New pension rules for ALL employers – we can help you prepare

We at Formula are sure that the full impact of Auto Enrolment requirements are not understood by the owners of small and medium sized businesses, and that the cost of compliance risks the very continuance of many SMEs.  Our opinion is that it is a serious mistake to leave everything until the last minute (i.e. your Staging Date).


The Government has brought in new laws that will have a significant impact on EVERY employer in the UK.  Under these new workplace pension reforms ALL employers will eventually have to:

  • Automatically enrol all eligible staff into a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme
  • Pay pension contributions of at least 8% of earnings (of which the employer must be at least 3%)

Even if you have an existing group pension scheme you will have to make changes so that you comply with the new laws (and many insurance companies are refusing to accept all Auto Enrolment pension joiners even into an existing group pension plan). These new rules will be enforced by The Pension Regulator, and penalties imposed (mainly fines but potentially imprisonment) if they are not adhered to.  This started in October 2012 with the largest of employers, and has now filtered down to smaller employers (i.e. with under 250 employers). 
Formula is a privately owned company that holds the Chartered Financial Planner status. We provide completely independent advice, sourcing the best solutions from the whole of the market.  Our speciality is advising companies on employee benefits, which involves meeting to discuss what you want to achieve, reviewing all the information and providing you with the best possible solution.  Every business in the UK needs to ensure they comply with the compulsory pension rules, so you will need to know:

  • When your business’s Staging Date is
  • Whether any existing pension scheme will still be suitable under the new rules
  • Which of your employees are affected
  • What the exact requirements are on your business
  • How you comply with the myriad of new rules
  • How much it will cost you to comply
  • How much it could cost you if you do not comply


These changes are happening now – if you wish to receive a no obligation consultation at Formula's expense then please contact us.

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